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Shameless Plug: The Dream Project
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Why Pirates of the Caribbean Ride is One You Can’t Miss!
If you’ve never been to Disneyland and don’t understand the hype behind this ride, here’s a brief explanation as to why it’s so loved!
It was the last ride Walt Disney personally worked on! He died right before the ride was finished, and it’s the last ride in the park to have Walt’s own personal touch. The Walt Disney World version was made quite a bit after his death.
There’s a restaurant inside! The Blue Bayou is a restaurant literally inside of the ride venue, and the atmosphere is incredible, both as a rider and a diner.
It’s almost 15 minutes long! The average theme park ride length is 2-3 minutes along, but POTC provides guests with a full experience that lasts much longer than that. You definitely won’t be getting off feeling like the wait doesn’t match the ride.
The smell. You might hear people talk about the ‘smell,’ and it’s sort of something you need to experience on your own. But when you walk into the building…you literally can smell the musty sea air to engulf you into the theme of the ride.
Lastly, it’s both child and adult friendly! There’s no major thrills which allows children to ride and listen to the familiar tune, “Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate’s Life for Me!” However, there’s some references made more for adult mindsets, like the one in the photo above, where you could buy a wench.
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"disney night" | inspired by van gogh
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"I think my dad fell in love with her almost immediately … she was an independent little lady," says daughter Diane Disney Miller
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Got this skirt for $8 from an antique store and I’m so happppppyyyyyy. It’s handmade and so precious! Totally gonna wear this to DISNEYWORLD!!! How is it so perfectly my size!?
Hell yeahhhhhhh! Ps the old lady ringing me up called Lady “that sexy dog”.
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